Sunday 29.3.09:

The Body 4 U training Club New Year New You challenge! Oh what a challenge it has been. I remember When Angela and Darren told me that I was the selected person . I was ecstatic and over the moon. I never really thought about what the hell I would be getting myself in to . It was all under way and oh my goodness did I ever think I would do half of the things we have achieved. Hill Climbing down near Alstonville, The Gym to Manly riding our bikes. Oh and then we do Bloody great runs 1 minute run two minute walk challenges to never never land. And then last week Walk and runs all the way to Manly. I was so unfit at the start and over the eight weeks I have become healthier happier,skinnier and more determined to follow this challenge as far as I need to. I would never in my dreams of thought of walking to Manly or trying to jog as It would of killed me. I can say I am not that good at the running, jogging but I am better than what I was eight weeks ago. I cannot tell you how many death glares and bits of cheek I have given over this time, but without such dedicated and motivating team builders from body 4 U team none of this would of happened the way that it has. The way the trainers can read your mind and know just what you are capable of is totally amazing. Darren and Angela have an amazing group of trainers and have been such an inspiration to me throughout the whole time, it
is a credit to you all. My journey will not end here and I know I will have the full support while my mission is continuing. Thank you to my children Brendan and Mitchell and my husband for being so supportive and giving me all the encouragement along the way and for your continued support. Thanks Roger for your extra application to help in getting me on this challenge you are special to me. What a wonderful way to start my 2009 year. A huge thank you to one and all for following our progress through the blogs and through the gym. Everyone's support and encouragement throughout this event helped in making this a challenge I will never forget.

Thank you one and all. Especially Darren and Angela this has meant the world to me

From Annette

Well it's Sunday evening 29.3.09:

What can I say.We headed to the gym to find the Fabulous Angela head trainer, My star trainer Richard and the very supportive and encouraging Amanda. What a fine lot of trainers they are at the Body 4 U Training Club. Well we started with a training session and yes it was our final one before our weigh in later in the day. I stayed focused and really put my full effort into this. I actually gave Greg a run for his money today and was able to give some smart ass comments to him. It was quite warm in the gym today or was I just hallucinating. After our session we changed shirts and headed for our morning fix before our mystery destination. Oh shoot about half way we were told where we were going . My initial thought was thank goodness we were not bungee jumping off some great structure. It was the Story Bridge Climb. I was excited but a little scared as I thought it was going to be a lot harder to climb than what it was. Before we knew it we were all outfitted and stepping onto the spiral stair case. Holy Crap this is the best feeling in the world I had a smile from ear to ear and I enjoyed every second of this experience. Our special photo moment was great and we got a great team shot. Oh I was and still am so excited with what we did.I do believe Brett and Allison need a huge than you for today's experience THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. That was Awesome! We returned to the base of the bridge where we congratulated each other on a job well done and went for a well earned breakfast. It was nearly lunch time or maybe later when we arrived home from the experience and were told to come back to the gym for weigh ins and measurements. I am absolutely stoked at the final results . I lost a total of 10.4 kilos over the eight weeks and lost an incredible 24 centimetres from my stomach 15 cm from my hips and 5.5 cm from my thighs. I am stoked at this result.
I am going to keep going on my mission as this is a major achievement for me. We ended this event with a celebratory drink at the Icon. What a great day.

From Annette
Saturday 28.3.09:

It was a mad rush this morning we have had a few late nights lately and we were catching up. Roger woke at 7.15 am and we needed to be at Carina for a 8.00 am game of basketball. We woke the children got changed and ate our banana on the way to the game. We didn't do much once we got home until around 4.00 when we decided to go on a bike ride to see what was actually around our suburb. We really have some great parks and it was great we all had a turn on the kids things and had a great quality afternoon being together having fun. We headed home not long before dark and got a sprinkle of rain. Great fun had by all. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. Oh my goodness, what is it going to bring.
From Annette


Friday 27.3.09:
One of those days when you go to the doctors and you finally seen 30 minutes after your appointment and then you get in there to here him say it must just be a 24 hour bugs, keep fluids up and to keep to plain foods. 2 minutes to tell me what I already thought. How frustrating! You know when children aren't right when they use that whinge voice and all they want to do is lie on top of you. How nice it is when it hit 7.00 at night and he says I'm tired bed.
How exhausting was my day. It was piece when he went to bed and I needed a coffee and some time out. Poor Mitch he doesn't get sick often but when he does it takes it out of you. I did my own training session in the lounge room with my stepper and doing floor exercises . I did my circuit 3 times and built up some heat. Still waiting on Roger to return home it will be nice to have him back. A big walk planned for tomorrow to get out of the house. And who knows what Sunday will bring.

From Annette


Thursday 26.3.09:

Well what can I say My morning was great I went for a walk in the morning and then went to buy more gym shirts as the others are hanging on me. I am feeling emotional today and my day got progressively worse with Mitchell getting the vomits .I am not happy I can't get to the gym
but hopefully will be able to go for a walk with little mate in the pram. Sorry to cancel out on you Amanda. Roger will be coming home late tomorrow night which I will be pleased to see him. It's been one of those tough weeks emotionally. I think I am looking forward to the weekend but I am scared about the final weigh in. I am going for a relax bath hopefully that might make me feel a little happier.
Until tomorrow,
Bye from Annette


Wednesday 25.3.09:

Sorry about yesterdays blog but it was one of those days where I didn't have the time to take time out for my self. We today I was right into my training with Logan's fit key class which I pushed myself as hard as I could and then I had a Personal training with Richard which was a combo of legs and arms today using all the different equipment around the gym. I was able to do my session well and still had the energy to be able to go on a hour and a half walk. Gee I felt pumped this morning. After my day at work I still managed to leave there and go to Karate for an hour and a half . Well yes I am feeling quite worn out this evening but not long to go till final weigh in and I am on a mission. It makes it so much harder to do things at night without Roger being around for the kids but I am doing all I can do during the day.

Looking forward to tomorrow I am going on a walk run with my sons I pod. I better go and get a good sleep for tomorrow.

From Annette


Monday: 23.3.09

A little stiff and sore but not to bad considering our walk on Sunday. Well I was in the mood for a good training session today with Richard. Started with the grinder and moved to more upper body exercises. All was going quite well until I fixed the shoulder strap on my bra and it broke. Oh bugger what the heck am I going to do . Lara found a safety pin for me and temporarily fixed it but soon enough it couldn't hold the tension. Oh well lets keep going we will get there. On we went shuttle runs squats and squat jumps. Oh what fun to have big boobs -NOT . I was going to stay and do more of a workout but it really wasn't working for me. Oh well I will go for a walk tonight once the gremlins are in bed. I hope my muscles don't get worse tonight as I was up quite a bit last night with the aching of lower legs. Thanks for a good session today Richard.

From Annette